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HaA Design is an experienced group of researchers, strategists and designers. HaA works at the intersection of design and business to help companies create new value. HaA is an expert in identity, connecting insights to business, envisioning new ideas, developing new products, and translating brands into tangible experiences.

Global Partnership

HaA utilizes strong global partnership with studios
located in 3 different countries

  • SeoulIndustrial/User Experience Design
  • BostonEngineering/Design
  • TaipeiEngineering/Design

PMS Design Process

Project Context Based Design Process Management System and Operation Method

Full Scale Design Marketing Oriented Strategy Oriented Technology Oriented Styling Orented
  1. 1. Marketing/User
  2. 2. Marketing/Branding
  3. 3. Design Research
  4. 4. Technology
  5. 5. Branding/Design
  6. 6. Product/Interface
  7. 7. Prototyping
  8. 8. Production Follow-up
  9. 9. Marketing Support
  10. 10. Feedback
  1. 1. Marketing/User
  2. 2. Marketing/Branding
  3. 3. Design Research
  4. 4. Technology
  5. 5. Branding/Design
  6. 6. Product/Interface
  7. 7. Prototyping
  8. 8. Production Follow-up
  9. 9. Marketing Support
  10. 10. Feedback
  1. 1. Marketing/Branding
  2. 2. Design Research
  3. 3. Technology
  4. 4. Branding/Design
  5. 5. Product/Interface
  6. 6. Prototyping
  7. 7. Production Follow-up
  8. 8. Feedback
  1. 1. Design Research
  2. 2. Technology
  3. 3. Design Strategy
  4. 4. Product/Interface
  5. 5. Prototyping
  6. 6. Production Follow-up
  7. 7. Feedback
  1. 1. Design Research
  2. 2. Design Strategy
  3. 3. Product/Interface
  4. 4. Production Follow-up
  5. 5. Feedback


  • Samsung
  • alleh KT
  • SG Shop
  • Ericsson LG
  • KRRI
  • LG
  • U+
  • Iriver
  • iRobot
  • Hyundai MOBIS
  • Doosan
  • Coway
  • SK Telecom


Trend Research

Want to know where your market is moving and why?
HaA Design uses a variety of techniques to understand clients’
unique needs, market they operate in and their end users.

User Insight

How do you know if you are hitting the mark?
HaA Design’s user test utilizes various evaluation methods to
measure product performance and discover flaws.
Our methods span in-depth testing with real users to heuristic
evaluations by teams of human factors specialists.

Visual Strategy

Communicating your company’s unique strengths and
mission visually?
HaA helps clients creating identity and communicating
image and brand, using various strategies.



Samsung’s Learning Hub service allow users to access extensive multimedia educational content for all ages. The content includes e-textbooks, video lectures, interactive
coaching and much more, and can be shared withmultiple Samsung devices. HaA Design worked on GUI of both Learning Hub Store and Studyroom.

  • ProjectLearning Hub 2.0/GUI Design
  • Year2012, 2013
  • ClientSAMSUNG
  • DeviceAndroid Mobole Phone & Tablet PC
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    Bimodal Tram is new CNG-Hybrid Tram bus. HaA Design improved this
    bus’s Exterior & Interior through close co-work with the manufacturer.
    Currently, 21 express bus routes on express highways & principal roads
    connecting Seoul to its neighboring cities are suggested and we plan to
    replace the express bus system on principal road with the CNG hybrid
    low-floor articulated vehicle system developed through this project or to
    introduce this system to new routes.

    • ProjectCNC - Hybrid/Interior & Exterior Design
    • Year2010 - 2012
    • ClientKRRI & KR Fiber
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    Hyundai Mobis, the maker of integrated Audio Video Navigation system for
    Hyundai and Kia Motors was looking to make a stand-alone AVN device
    based on Android tablet for the aftermarket customers.
    HaA Design created the entire visual interface design for this 7” Android
    Audio Video and Navigation system.

    • ProjectMobis AVN/GUI Design
    • Year2012
    • ClientHyundai Mobis
    • DeviceAndroid Tablet
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HaA Design worked with Samsung to enhance their global bookstore service, called Readers Hub. With Readers Hub, users can read, rent and purchase books and
magazines anywhere they’d want. HaA Design’s task was to redesign the entire visual user interface for the smartphone and tablet from scratch, bringing a new kind of
shopping and reading experience. Both smartphone and tablet versions have consistent and seamless design language to complement Samsung’s brand identity.

  • ProjectReaders Hub 2.0/GUI Design
  • Year2011 - 2013
  • ClientSAMSUNG
  • DeviceAndroid Mobole Phone & Tablet PC
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    KT spider laptop kit is a multifunctional device, which allows smartphone to
    display in a larger screen, and provides keyboard for more convenient
    usage. HaA Design developed, designed and delivered design suitable for
    intended market and segment.

    • ProjectSpider/Industrial Design
    • Year2012
    • ClientKT & MO2
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    Iriver Tab is the first consumer tablet device from Iriver.
    This 7” Android powered tablet was optimized for consuming various
    entertainment contents.
    Rather than using stock Android skins, HaA Design designed user interface
    and the visual look and feel of the device’s graphic user interface tailored
    specifically for Iriver Tab.
    Number of different built-in applications and icons needed to be completely
    redesigned to keep the consistency of Iriver’s visual identity throughout the
    entire device.

    • ProjectMX 100 TabI/UI & GUI Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientIriver
    • Device7” Android Tablet
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The advantages of Emersys conference system are that it's smaller, yet contains more determined technology.
Its exquisite design is attracting buyers from Japan and USA.
Emersys conference system is looking to be released at the end of this year.

  • ProjectMulti Channel Conf. System/Industrial Design
  • Year2012
  • ClientEMERSYS
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    After finishing Iriver Tab, Iriver went even further to introduce its own
    branded smartphone to the market, the Iriver Vanilla. Iriver Vanilla is Android
    powered smartphone that are targeted to younger users.
    HaA Design designed the visual user interface and icons to complement
    the clean, and minimal industrial design of Iriver.

    • ProjectVanilla/GUI Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientIriver
    • DeviceAndroid Mobile Phone
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  • LG U+ APP Market

    One of the largest wireless carrier in Korea, LG U+ approached HaA
    Design to redesign their existing app market service for Android smartphone.
    Rather than designing heavily detailed and flashy visual design that are
    being widely used, HaA Design decided to go with clean and flat visual
    language to let users focus more on the content than UI chromes.
    This design approach also helped the carrier to conserve precious
    bandwidth since the design assets consume very little data providing faster
    service to users.

    • ProjectAndroid Market/UI & GUI Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientLG U+
    • DeviceAndroid Phone
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Samsung Connected is a content sharing service that allows you to search for and play video, photo, and music files freely across mobile devices and pc that support
Samsung Connected services. HaA Design worked with Media Solution Center team to create both User Interface and Visual User Interface design for both mobile
devices including smartphone and tablet, and PC. We focused on delivering simple user interface that were not clogged with extra features that users would never use.

  • ProjectConnected/UI & GUI Design
  • Year2011
  • ClientSamsung
  • DeviceAndroid Phone & Tablet PC & Web
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    Kloken Living Box, co-developed with GS SHOP, is a versatile Container for
    multi use. Considering the way how Korean housewives stack up the
    container boxes in their closets, additional side windows were added which
    would allow them to see what’s inside without rotating the heavy box.
    To save the space, the living box can be folded when not in use.
    Neutral color tone blends in with the interior and make the product a good
    fit for every (Korean) home.

    • ProjectKLöKEN Living Box/Industrial Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientGS Shop
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    Strom was designed as a departure from a typical frying pan to create an
    aesthetically pleasing shape with user-friendly features and functions.
    The overall shape depicts a flower bud in full blossom. Its naturally occurring
    vertex features easy-pour convenience. The petal shaped grooves on the
    cooking surface allow for even distribution of the cooking oil.
    Strom's ceramic coating and bright Gold Pearl and Dark Brown color
    scheme create a very healthy and elegant impression to set itself apart.

    • ProjectSTöRM Frying Pan/Industrial Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientGS Shop
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Swan is a desktop water filtration product for home and office use. The water purifier can be placed wherever you need to drink water. It provides the choice of
ambient or instant hot water. Swan uses carbon filters to remove harmful elements to provide healthy water.

  • ProjectSwan Water Purifier/Industrial Design
  • Year2011
  • ClientCoway
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  • ERICSSON-LG Multi Media Terminal

    In attempt to stimulate increased sales in the dwindling world of household
    telephony service subscriptions, LG Nortel engaged with us in hopes of
    producing an enticing offering to remedy the current needs of today’s service
    providers. Primarily used as a communications peripheral, The IP5280
    unleashes true freedom within the home by adding increased
    telecommunications functionality via web browsing, video conferencing,
    media playback, and photo sharing.

    • ProjectSystem MMT/Industrial Design
    • Year2011
    • ClientERICSSON - LG
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    KT QOOK Bookcafe is Korea’s most widely used e-Book application to date.
    HaA Design designed optimized UI/GUI for several devices including the
    iPhone, iPad, Android devices, SoIP Phones, IP TV and Bookcafe website
    while keeping consistent design identity for KT. The service worked
    seamlessly across these devices providing friendly user experience for the
    end users.

    • ProjectBookcafe N screen/UI & GUI Design
    • Year2010
    • ClientKT
    • DeviceiPad, iPhone & Android & IPTV & Website
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Doosan, the maker of the most popular dictionary in Korea, asked to research, brainstorm and then to desigan a dictionary application for the iPhone, iPad and the
Galaxy Tab. Our challenge was to create a cohesive and consistent user interface across all 3 devices that had different screen sizes without being overly complex
and additionally, we needed to make 9 different versions for different languages. We designed user interface that are suitable for each devices which has their own
unique and optimized features, while maintaining the consistency across the devices. As of now, Doosan Prime Dictionary is one of the best selling dictionary
application in Korea App Store.

  • ProjectPrime Dictionary APP/UI & GUI Design
  • Year2010
  • ClientDOOSAN Dong - A
  • DeviceiPad, iPhone & Android & IPTV & Website
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    With the accompany of GS SHOP, part of the performed New Brand
    Development Biz of “Vaarenta” advanced water purifier was a project that
    we participated from the initial design planning to the Brand naming until
    the final production. The Vaarenta water purifier is currently a monopoly
    selling product at GS home shopping. Each and every time the product is
    shown on TV the sales increase, and it is helping improve the living style to
    all Korean house wives. And even more, the design is acknowledged in fore
    gn countries and also at the Red-dot design awards it was given the
    “best of best” prize.

    • ProjectVaärenta Water Purifier/Industrial Design
    • Year2010
    • ClientGS Shop
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    We explore the emotional, demographical and environmental factors at play
    We translate these influences into CMF to help our clients create products
    that resonate with their consumers and will succeed in competitive markets.

    • ProjectT8 MP3 Player/Industrial Design
    • Year2010
    • ClientIriver
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    GDC-450H is DECT for the user who works in tough environments (factories,
    garages, construction sites, etc.). The orange anti-shock urethane side
    bumpers were added for protection, increased grip, and extra visibility.
    Expected to be used in work environments, enlarged input controls were
    added where necessary for increased usability

    • ProjectGDC-450H/Industrial Design
    • ClientERICSSON - LG
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  • KT TECH Seotai-ji

    The Seotaji Phone features the autograph of Seo Tai Ji, one of the all time
    greatest musicians and a cultural icon from Korea. It was released with TV
    commercials featuring Seo Tai Ji, playing himself.
    Its design is highlighted with straight lines and small rounded corners,
    creating a simple and honest body shape. The face features printed colors
    on the backside and raised numbers on the keypads, for the look and feel of
    a clean yet fancy business device.

    • ProjectEV-440/Industrial Design
    • ClientKT Tech
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    Kloken is a 100% air - tight food container focusing primarily on the Asian
    food culture. In response to glass construction, we chose to employ Tritan for
    its higher visual clarity, durability, and lower weight properties.
    Another benefit of Tritan is that it manufactured without bisphenol-A (BPA).
    Tritan is also both heat and chemical resistant. This is especially important in
    cultures that eat and preserve items such as kimchi daily.
    From a use and aesthetic perspective, reservation meets presentation was
    our driving goal. Kloken attempts to bridge the gap of serving and storage
    by addressing both worlds at once.

    • ProjectKLöKEN Food Container/Industrial Design
    • Year2010
    • ClientGS Shop
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  • IRIVER Dicple 200

    The D200 is the latest electronic dictionary from iriver. The soft rounded
    surface provides a comfortable handling and adds emotion to the product.
    Soft color tones and dimmed lighting provide a calm feeling.
    The keys on the D200 have been arranged for the user to have much more
    comfort ability and the keys are shaped in a iriver pebble dome for easy
    and comfortable typing. The improved keyboard offers now physical hot
    keys for the most common interactions (English-Korean and Korean-English)
    making it much faster for users to find a specific dictionary.
    The emphasized four-way key, using brushed aluminum as material, gives a
    simple and luxurious design look and differentiates it from other dictionary

    • ProjectD200 Electronic Dictionary/Industrial Design
    • Year2010
    • ClientIriver
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    LDP-9000 is the new series of digital phone that has simple a nd ergonomic
    design and value added features. LDP-9000 series focus on the user
    comfortability in design and daily business communication; User friendly
    design, intuitive and easy to use buttons, comfortable grip as well as high
    qaulity full-duplex speaker phone and back light LCD.

    • ProjectLDP-9000/Industrial Design
    • ClientERICSSON - LG
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    The CLP was Samsung's first generation color laser printer. The printer was
    studied inside and out in order to improve assembly, reduce part count, and
    improve existing parting line clutter. The result was an internal frame system
    that allowed easy assembly of internal components and a simplified
    enclosure part breakup.

    • ProjectColor Laser Printer/Industrial Design
    • ClientSAMSUNG
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Strategically attempting seduce consumers outside of the traditional decision of full touch and convention mobiles, the Love Shake offers touch interaction, traditional
navigation enhanced lighting communication and gestural input. Love Shake’s proprietary gestural controls allow users to interact with the handset like never before.
Shake it up!

  • ProjectEV-550/Industrial Design
  • ClientKT Tech
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